About Us

Del Rey Agates is owned and operated by Albert O Ray.  I'm honored to be part of this venture hoping to bring to the international agate, gem and mineral community not only some of the best material or products available but making long friendships in the community. 

Our company is a family owned and operated company based in Tucson AZ.  Every product featured on our website is located in our U.S base office.  Our Headquarters and roots, however, are located in a small Colony in the municipality of Galeana Chihuahua, the name of this town is Colony LeBaron, it’s a gorgeous corner of the world where founder Alberto Ray was born, it is located in a basin and range zone that has geological characteristics of some of the best agates of the world,  just a three and a half hour drive from El Paso, Texas into Mexico will take you there,  Not only located in the center of Galeana our small Colony so happens to be in the center of Northern Chihuahua’s exquisite treasures, some of the world renown and major agate deposits known by geologist, volcanologist, and gemologist from all over the world are located two hours in circumference from there.  

We have have been collecting, trading and selling agates since childhood, in 2008 we started to do this full time. We recently also have been to various shows (Hotel Tucson City Center in Tucson AZ, West Coast gem and mineral show in Santa Ana CA,  Denver Gem and Mineral show at the Denver Mart Expo, New York-New Jersey East coast gem and mineral show, Munich Germany, St. Mary France) and featured in "several magazine articles from:

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What's Hot in Tucson 2017 

What's Hot in Tucson 2018

Denver Gem and Mineral show Speaker, September 15, 2018, (Eve of the Mexican Independence day September 16th, 2018) 


Denver Gem and Mineral show, Collector showcase: "THE HEART OF CHIHUAHUA"

Denver Gem and Mineral show  Collector showcase: "THE AGATES ARE SMILING"

The Guadalupe @ Tucson Convention Center

Del Rey together with Galchi International Gems & Minerals Society (Non-profit) is the current owner of more than 4000 hectares of rich chalcedony, jaspers, thunder eggs, agates and other precious and semi-precious minerals from our municipality and it’s surroundings. Our goal is to provide great customer service and the best quality of agates, chalcedony, Jasper and thunder eggs.

Our team believes that we have certain responsibility to teach and promote the art of lapidary either through clubs or associations to our local children and youth, adding value to the natural resources is an excellent way of protecting and promoting our own interest, we also teach, encourage and promote artists who deserve the opportunity to do something with their natural talents. We believe that most children love rocks and gems, we want to help push and educate them through example. 

Del Rey Agates together with Galchi International, El Viejo Rey Inn, and Ray’s Café would like to invite anyone who is interested in walking some of our deserts valleys and mountains, our Del Rey Agate claims are located just 8 kilometers from our Hotel. Collectors throughout the agate community know that the agates, jaspers, and thunder eggs from our deposit are known to be among the best of it’s kind for their exquisite beauty.

Our family would like to thank you for taking the time to browse our site and if you have any questions or request please feel free to contact info@delreyagates.com